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This page provides general information to potential retailer or a retailer who needs help to choose right webstore. We hope that this page would used as a good navigator to your success.

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    Before register

    For Clothing, Accessories, Shoes, Handbag, and Eyewear:

    1. Must have your own website with a shopping cart
    2. Need to know annual on-line revenue
    3. Need to know condition type of your products
    4. Need to know UPC/EAN number availability of your products
    5. Need to have company name
    6. Check what you can or cannot sell: Amazon Product Categories

    * Currently unable to sell Jewelry

    Next Step

    1. Register for Amazon account
    2. Verify yourself
    3. Get approval for Pre-Approval: Contact Us
    4. After approval, sign up for the Professional or the Individual Plan
    5. Upload your product inventory
    6. Ship the products that have been purchased
    7. Receive your payments

    Selling Fee
    The Selling Fees will be deducted from your total funds. The selling fee includes…
    1. Referral Fee
      – Clothing, Accessories, & Luggage – 15% (of your item price)
      – Shoes, Handbags, and Eyewear – 15% (of your item price)
    2. Fixed Per-item Fee ($0.99) for the Individual Plan

    Pros and Cons

    * Provides good marketing methods
    * Provides inventory center

    * Takes long time for approval processing
    * High referral fees
    * High shipping fees for non-FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) account holder

    For any further information: Amazon FAQ



    1. Be a eBay member
     – Create a seller account
     – Create a paypal account
     – Verify your identity and choose your payment methods
    2. Upload your items using the quick listing tool
    3. Set a price
     – Auction listing
     – Buy it Now
    4. Selecting shipping
     – Flat cost
     – Actual cost
    5. Ship the products that have been purchased
    6. Receive your payments

    Selling Fees

    Standard Fees
    – No subscription rates
    – Free listings – up to 50 listings per month
    – After your free listings per month: Insertion Fees: $0.30
    – Final Value Fees – 10%
       *Maximum fee of $250, with percentages based on the total amount of the sale; exclusion apply

    eBay Stores

    Basic Store
    – Monthly subscription rates: $19.95/m or $15.95/m with yearly subscription
    – Up to 150 free listing
    – After your free listings per month: Insertion Fees: $0.25(auction) or $0.20(fixed)

    Premium Store
    – Monthly subscription rates: $59.95/m or $49.95/m with yearly subscription
    – Up to 500 free listing
    – After your free listings per month: Insertion Fees: $0.15(auction) or $0.10(fixed)

    Anchor Store
    – Monthly subscription rates: $199.95/m or $179.95/m with yearly subscription
    – Up to 2500 free listing
    – After your free listings per month: Insertion Fees: $0.10(auction) or $0.05(fixed)

    *Clothing, Shoes, Accessories, all other categories:
     – 9% based on the total amount of the sale will be deducted as the Final Value Fees

    To learn more about rates: Everyday Rate Plans

    For Jewelry retailer: policy for Jewelry items

    Pros and Cons

    * Own website or seller’s permits is not mandatory
    * Relatively lower Final Value Fees

    * Needs to create paypal accounts since most eBay’s customers pays through paypal
    * Items are relatively sold in low prices

    For any further information: eBay Seller Information Center


    MarketPlace on Facebook

    The Marketplace lets you sell, give away, buy, ask or search for anything you want in a trusted and fun environment.

    – Create account for Marketplace
    – Start listing – can post their listings free of charge
    – Check who can see your listing
    – Add photos – it is not required
    – Customer would contact you via Facebook comments, message, and other network

    * No online checkout process

    Facebook Store

    Shop Facebook Store (F-Commerce software solution providers)
    ex: 3dcart, Boosket, Ecwid, Moontoast, SortPrice, Shop Tab, StoreFront, Volusion

    * You may search for other different F-Commerce software solution providers and compare each other. Some providers that I listed above are most recommended by users.

    – Create Ecwid Store ID: Ecwid Plans
      * Free to Unlimited
    – Add store to your page
    – Click “Go to App” button to add Ecwid application to your Facebook account
    – Click “Allow” button to allow
    – Click “Add your store to the page” button (if this is your first store on Facebook) or “Add your store to one more page” button (if you already have at least one store)
    – Paste your Store ID to the “Ecwid Store ID” field
    – List items
    – When a customer decides to place an order and presses the “Checkout” button, the Ecwid app will request for the permission to access the basic information, email and current location of a Facebook account of this customer.

    For more information about Ecwid: Ecwid

    Shop Tab
    – Create a ShopTab account
    – Set Plans
      * Standard, Extended, and Unlimited
    – Allow Facebook Connection
    – Customization your settings
    – Stock your shelves
    – Sell items

    * No contracts, easy set-up and support, company name is optional,
    * Checkout through paypal
    * Offers 7-day Free Trial

    For more information about ShopTab: ShopTab

    – Facebook store & Social Commerce Platform
    – Create a SortPrice account
    – Set plans
      * $99.99 to $199.99 monthly (depends on number of products)
    – Customize your settings
    – Upload your listings
    – Checkout on your site (if you have one) or via Paypal

    * Provides integrated social buttons (ex: like, share)
    * ‘Wishlist’ content available
    * Does not offer free or cheap plans, lowest plan is $99.99

    For more information about SortPrice: SortPrice

    Pros and Cons

    * High social sharing and drive social engagement
    * Most F-commerce software solution providers offers unlimited support or low cost plans
    * Easier to integrate Facebook users

    * Does not provide How-to guide on Facebook website
    * Variety way to set up the Web store creates confusion
    * Usually not set up for transaction to take place within Facebook itself

  4. Hi

    I have a website and currently buying from different vendors. I want to get a central database which will help me and I can focus more on marketing.

    Pls let me know how I can do this


  5. I have not checked in here for some time since I thought it was getting boring, but the last few posts are good quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend :)

    • To purchase any of the products listed here, you must register and order from the website the products are listed from. Each post will provide a link to the website where you can purchase the item.

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